Seed Multiplication Services

Various international seed companies have already realized the value and potential of South Africa as an alternative seed production area due to the fact that seed harvested in the southern hemisphere during December to March, is available for marketing in May to August in the northern hemisphere.

We specialize in the production of vegetable crop seed, forage and pasture crops seed, agronomy crop seed and certain organic crops seed.

Our seed growers are of the best in the world and each specializes in the growing of specific seed crops. These farmers are able to deliver seed efficiently and consistently. They are the first link in our production process to provide seed of the highest quality to our international clients. Our selected group of seed growers has grown over the past years and share in the benefits of our production supply chain.

Seed Multiplication Contracts

We accept seed production contracts from our clients according to volume, price and quality as demanded. We then offer production contracts to selected growers in areas suitable to the specific crops determined by the contracts. After thorough research and trial productions in South Africa, we have a wide range of climatologic zones for the production of a wide variety of products.

Topographical data of our production areas:

  • Latitude 25°- 35° South
  • Altitude vary from 100m to 1500m above sea level
  • Temperatures: Warm areas: 1°C to 35°C | Cool areas: -7°C to 29°C


sgasa_logo2Klein Karoo Seed Production make use of six SGASA accredited nurseries, throughout the different production areas. Regular inspections of nurseries by KKSP’s crop specialists and excellent nursery management, are key factors in seedling success. Nurseries take care of each seed lot and aim to produce quality seedlings for the seed supply chain.

Production Field Operations

We have a team of crop specialists supporting our growers with technical advice concerning all aspects of production such as:

  • The selection of the best soil types
  • The right procedures for irrigation, fertilizing, integrated pest management, pollination as well as the correct methods for harvesting.
  • Our team is also qualified bee keepers to support and manage a very important phase of production: pollination.
  • Data capturing of field status on every visit to production sites.

Up to Date Reporting

Our production team gathers crop information and enters it into an integrated computer system on a regular basis. They compile crop status reports, supplemented by digital photographs of all the production fields. Every production area is footed with information such as topographic and meteorological information, including: altitude, latitude, longitude and long term weather data.

Production Research and Trial Facilities

We have production research and trial field facilities (nurseries) in local and remote locations where we test varieties under various conditions. Our research and development department will only release new varieties once the viability for seed production is proved.