Quality Control

Laboratory Services

Our lab is furnished with modern testing equipment necessary to perform tests on seeds of all kinds of horticultural, agricultural and agronomical crops.

Our laboratory personnel is experienced, technically trained analysts using specialised technology and growth substrates. All analyses performed are based on the principles of accuracy and reproducibility prescribed by the International Seed Testing Associated (ISTA) rules.

Laboratory Tests

Analytical purity

Seeds are separated from various impurities (such as weeds, other crop seeds and inert matter) before it gets weighed to determine the percentage of purity of the sample. The analyst identifies the other crop and weed seeds found in the sample and report it to the relevant persons. Special care is given to harmful impurities such as noxious weeds.


Germination tests determine the percentage of normal seedlings that will develop in ideal growing conditions. In cases of dormancy, seed may be pre-chilled, pre-heated or treated with potassium nitrate before the actual germination test commences.

Dormancy breaking method would depend on the species to be tested. The incubators used for germination tests are designed to control heat, air, moisture and light and comply with ISTA rules.

Moisture content

The official method to determine moisture content implies drying of the seeds in an oven at specific temperatures and for various periods according to ISTA rules. Moisture content is represented as a percentage of the sample weight.