Production Cycle

1. Seeding

Seed is sown with a fine seed planter on a well prepared seedbed at the optimal time, normally in February.

2. Seedbed

Seed are grown in open field seedbeds. Plant health very important during this stage.

3. Transplanting

Seedlings are normally transplant ready approx 100 days after seeding. Seedlings are transplanted at optimal plant populations.

4. Growing

During re-growing special care is given to irrigation,  weed-, insect- and disease control.

5. Flowering stage

Flowering starts as early as September for early crops such as bunching onions, new bunching onions and brassicas.

6. Harvesting

Harvesting is crop specific and is either done by hand or a combine harvester at the optimal ripening stage of each crop.

7. Final seed cleaning

Seed cleaning is done at the Klein Karoo Seed processing plant to comply with client and ISTA standards before packaging.

8. Packaging

Seed that comply to all the required standards as tested by the Klein Karoo Seed ISTA accredited lab are packed according to standards or client requirements for shipping.

9. Distribution

Seed are shipped upon client instructions either by road, sea or air.